ANEW Reversalist Infinite Effects Night Treatment Cream

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Introducing the world’s first rotational anti-wrinkle night cream, for dramatic results on wrinkles that get better over time.

A breakthrough in skincare science, featuring super-retinol and phyto+ complexes. When used in rotation, these two night creams help retrain your skin and prevent it from adapting. Proven to be more effective than pure retinol alone. Contains 0.1% Retinol

Collagen levels increase and results intensify, month after month, even up to a whole year. Proven by our 1st ever year-long clinical consumer trial with 116 women.


To be used at night, after your cleanser. If you also use a serum and eye cream, apply these first before applying Infinite Effects.

Phase 1- Use for 7 nights then rotate. Phyto+ Complex replenishes and prepares the skin.

Phase 2- Use for 7 nights then rotate. Super-Retinol Complex activates skins receptors to boost collagen and help to repair wrinkles.



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